Chapter 2 – The Cervix

Self-collected samples

Self-collection of a HPV sample is available as an alternative screening option for patients who are under-screened or never-screened. Self-collection must be facilitated by a clinician within a healthcare clinic. To collect the sample, a dry flocked swab is self-inserted into the vagina by the patient.

Initially there was concern that self-collection may not be as sensitive as clinician-collected samples, however recent evidence suggests that when using only polymerase chain reaction (PCR) techniques for the detection of HPV DNA, the sensitivity of detecting it in a self-collected sample is equivalent to a clinician-collected sample. (28), (41)

Patients must meet one of the following criteria to be eligible for self-collection:

aged 30 years or over and have never had cervical screening; or aged 30 years or over and are overdue for screening by two years or longer.

Self-collection is not recommended for patients who are:

symptomatic pregnant diethylstilbestrol (DES)-exposed previously had a hysterectomy with a history of HSIL(28) ... Buy now

Counselling regarding self-collected sample results

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