Chapter 2 – The Cervix

Screening pathway for asymptomatic women

The renewed National Cervical Screening Program recommends all women who have ever been sexually active to commence screening at 25 years of age with a Cervical Screening Test. The screening interval is five years in asymptomatic women and those with a negative screening history or no history suggestive of cancer.

The laboratory report for cervical screening will show:

an overall risk assessment (low, intermediate or higher); a statement of the test(s) performed and results; and a recommendation for follow up/action, taking into account the clinical history.(17)

Figure 2.5 Cervical screening pathway (1st Feb 2021) incorporating changes to the NCSP Intermediate Risk Pathway.

Cancer Council Australia Cervical Cancer Screening Working Party. Clinical pathway: Cervical screening pathway. National Cervical Screening Program: Guidelines for the management of screen detected abnormalities, screening in specific populations and investigation of abnormal vaginal bleeding. CCA 2016. Accessible from Updated Dec 2020.

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Changes to the Intermediate Risk Pathway implemented on Feb 1st 2021

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Unsatisfactory cervical screening result

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Pathway for symptomatic women

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