Terms and Conditions

Standard Terms & Conditions

Family Planning NSW is the distributor of products produced by Family Planning NSW (ABN 75 000 026 335). The Terms & Conditions set out below are the Terms & Conditions on which Family Planning NSW will supply the Reproductive and Sexual Health Handbook to the Customer.

Terms & Conditions apply to the exclusion of any other terms or conditions which may be contained on the Customer’s order or elsewhere. Only the Chief Executive Officer or Financial Director has the authority to vary these Terms & Conditions.

Goods Refused

If a Customer refuses delivery of goods ordered by the Customer, Family Planning NSW is entitled to payment by the Customer of an amount determined by Family Planning NSW to recover Family Planning NSW administration and other costs and loss of profits.

Price and Currency

All goods are invoiced at the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) less any discount agreed between the Customer and Family Planning NSW. 

Prices are expressed in Australian currency by default and you will be billed in Australian dollars. If you are purchasing from outside Australia, you will be charged in Australian dollars but will be converted to your local currency. Your credit card company may charge you an additional fee for this.


Family Planning NSW has the right to cancel any order not paid within 30 days of order placement unless agreed otherwise.

Payment Method

At this time, payment can only be made online through PayPal. 

Disputed Amounts

The Customer will advise Family Planning NSW in writing by email to rsh-handbook@fpnsw.org.au regarding any disputed invoices or accounts within 7 working days of receiving the invoice.

Immediate Payment

Despite any other terms or conditions, the Customer must pay all outstanding amounts in either of the following events:-

Individuals purchasing goods will not be supplied goods on credit. Full payment is required prior to the delivery of any order.

Title to the Goods

All goods delivered to the Customer remain the property of Family Planning NSW until paid for in full and the money processed and settled to the account of Family Planning NSW.


Goods are at the Customer’s risk from the time of the passing of goods to the Customer. 


Goods may only be returned for a refund to Family Planning NSW with a returns authorisation which will be issued by Family Planning NSW, after receiving written notification within 7 working days of the invoice date from the Customer. Return privileges are offered to facilitate the buying decision as part of a mutually beneficial trading relationship. Family Planning NSW reserves the right to amend or revoke these return privileges. At all times Family Planning NSW complies with the Australia Consumer Law.

  1. Returns Authorisation

Only returns authorised by Family Planning NSW will be accepted.

  1. Refund for Returns

All adjustments for returns will be by way of a refund of funds to the same mode of payment.