Chapter 2 – The Cervix

Results discussion and decision-making

To discuss results and facilitate decision-making:

Patients should be given clear and accurate information on the significance of the results and their choices for further management. Adequate time must be given to address any questions and to discuss any anxiety the patient may have about the significance of the abnormality and the management options. Easy-to-understand written material should be given to the patient to support verbal information provided. Adequate interpreter services should be available to patients for whom English is not their first language. Special care needs to be taken to ensure that they have understood the information and the management options. The management pathway should be based on the result of investigations and the patient’s preferences. The final treatment recommendations will be made by the specialist gynaecologist to whom the patient has been referred. The method of treatment will depend upon the local gynaecological expertise and available treatment modalities to the clinician, as well as the woman’s preferences. Explanations should occur at each stage of the assessment and treatment process. ... Buy now