Chapter 2 – The Cervix

National Cancer Screening Register

The National Cancer Screening Register (NCSR) supports the delivery of the renewed NCSP as well as bowel screening programs. The NCSR has replaced the state and territory cervical cytology registries (also known as Pap test registers).

The National Cancer Screening Register:

Collects, analyses and reports information about individuals cervical screening history.(43) Has one record per person regarding their participation in cervical and bowel cancer screening to allow for ease of data access for clinicians, pathology laboratories and participants. Records Cervical Screening Test results and colposcopy data. Has a healthcare provider portal enabling clinicians to retrieve information about participation, screening history and to check if reminders were sent. Has a ‘consumer portal’ enabling people to access limited screening information, for example to check their due date for a Cervical Screening Test or to change their address. Participation can also be managed here, e.g. nominate a healthcare provider, defer next screening date, nominate a personal representative to access the register on their behalf. Provides an individual’s cervical screening history to pathology laboratories to inform recommendation for follow up or action. Issues letters of invitation to Australians who become eligible by age or are recently enrolled with Medicare e.g. new immigrants. Reminds individuals when they are due or overdue for ... Buy now