Chapter 4 – The Vagina and Vulva


Family Planning NSW resources:

Common Vaginal and Vulval conditions factsheet Fisher G, Bradford J. The Vulva: a Practical handbook for Clinicians. Second Edition Cambridge University Press 2016

Melbourne Sexual Health Centre factsheets:

Bacterial Vaginosis Vulvovaginal candida Vuvlval pain Vulvodynia

Jean Hailes Foundation resources:

The Vulva: Irritation, Diagnosis & Treatment booklet Discussion of Vulva and Vaginal Irritants Managing sexual pain: a multidisciplinary approach webinar (2016)

Royal Australian College of General Practitioners resource:

Female genital cosmetic surgery: a resource for general practitioners and other health professionals  

Women’s Health Victoria

The Labia Library

NSW Education Program on Female Genital Mutilation

Family Planning Queensland: Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in clinical practice. Fortitude Valley, QLD: FPQ, 2008.

Australian STI Management Guidelines for use in primary care

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