Chapter 4 – The Vagina and Vulva

Female genital cosmetic surgery

Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery (FGCS) refers to non-medically indicated cosmetic surgical procedures which change the structure and appearance of the healthy external or internal genitalia of women.

According to figures from Medicare, the number of women undergoing FCGS in Australia has increased dramatically in recent years.(25) It appears that in response to changing cultural norms this surgery is increasingly being sought by women who want to feel ‘normal’ or look ‘desirable’. As a result, general practitioners are increasingly managing patients who present seeking surgery due to concerns about the appearance of their genitalia.

The resource ‘Female genital cosmetic surgery – A resource for general practitioners and other health professionals RACGP 2015’ provides information on what FGCS is, the factors driving demand and a set of practical recommendations on how to manage women requesting referral for FGCS or expressing concerns regarding their genitalia.(26) Recommendations from this resource are included below.

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Recommendations for management of patients requesting FGCS or expressing concern about their genitalia

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