Chapter 8 – Fertility Problems


A surrogate is a person who gives birth to a child on behalf of another person. The surrogate or gestational carrier conceives via IVF often with eggs, sperm or embryos from the commissioning couple. They carry the pregnancy, give birth to the child then surrenders parental rights to the third party. The services of a surrogate may be required by a heterosexual couple or same sex couple when the female is unable to carry a pregnancy, or a male couple who wish to become parents. IVF clinics have specific legal, medical and social criteria which need to be met for the parson to act as a surrogate.

In most Australian states altruistic surrogacy is legal; however commercial surrogacy where a fee is charged or paid is illegal. Expenses for medical care and other reasonable expenses can be legally reimbursed. It is illegal to advertise for a female surrogate or for a person to advertise such a service. The surrogate’s own eggs can be used but it is more usual for the oocyte to come from an egg donor, then the surrogate does not have a genetic link to the offspring. Information on oocyte donation can be found at the websites listed in the ... Buy now