Chapter 8 – Fertility Problems

Fertility in same sex couples

Female same sex relationships

In female same sex relationships, depending on their personal circumstances, it may be appropriate to investigate both female partners to ascertain which partner in the relationship may have the higher chance of a successful pregnancy. Fertility assessment is as detailed above and investigations are guided by history and examination.

Women in same sex relationships will need to obtain donated sperm in order to be able to conceive.

Sperm donation

Donor sperm may be required by heterosexual couples with male factor infertility, single women and by female couples in same sex relationships who wish to become parents. Sperm donors may be known to the patient or can be sourced for intrauterine insemination or IVF through some fertility clinics.

All gamete donations must be altruistic with payment prohibited by law, however expenses can be reimbursed. All children born from donor gametes have the legal right to information about their origins, therefore the sperm donor must consent to providing details which are stored on a register.(21) The donor does not become the legal father of the offspring and there are limits placed on the maximum amount of children that a sperm donor can father (including his own children) to reduce the risk of inadvertent future ... Buy now

Male same sex relationships

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