Chapter 10 – Pregnancy Options

How common is unintended pregnancy in Australia?

Obtaining accurate data regarding the prevalence and risk factors for unintended pregnancy is challenging, however several studies have endeavoured to do this.

A national population telephone survey was conducted in 2015 which asked 2,013 women, aged between 18-45 years, whether they had experienced an unintended pregnancy within the last 10 years and the outcome of all pregnancies.(5) Of these women, 69% reported a pregnancy within the last 10 years; 26% had fallen pregnant without intending to do so; 53% of unintended pregnancies resulted in a live birth and 30.4% of unintended pregnancies ended in abortion. A 2006 Australian survey of 2,000 women found 51% of the respondents reported having experienced an ‘unplanned pregnancy’ in their lifetime. In the survey, 49% of women continued the pregnancy, 31% had an abortion, 18% miscarried and 2% adopted out.(6) Understanding the socio-demographic risk and protective factors associated with unintended pregnancy is important to guide clinical and public health strategies to help reduce unintended pregnancy rates. A national population‐based survey of women and men aged 18–51 years, recruited from a random sample from the Australian Electoral Roll was conducted in 2013.(7) Data from 2,235 completed questionnaires were analysed ... Buy now