Chapter 10 – Pregnancy Options

Continuing the pregnancy – adoption

Adoption is the legal process that permanently transfers all the legal rights and responsibilities of being a parent from the child’s birth parents to the adoptive parents. A new birth certificate is issued. In NSW, Family and Community Services is the government agency responsible for the provision of adoption services and they work with birth parents considering adoption for their child and families who wish to adopt. There is a counselling process and post adoption services. Each state and territory has a similar agency.

Both the birth parents must consent to the child’s adoption although there is a legal process to dispense with the mother or father’s consent in certain circumstances. Parents must wait at least 30 days after the child is born before they can sign the consent to adoption. There is then a further 30 days revocation period in which they can change their minds. The birth parents can maintain contact with the child through an adoption plan agreed with the adopting parents.

Today all adopted children have the legal right to know about their origins from time of placement. An adoption caseworker works with the birth parents and the adoptive parents to form an adoption plan that outlines the agreed ... Buy now